Past Events

April meetup

April 17, 2018 - 18:30

Shopify, 490 Rue de la Gauchetiere Ouest


Continuous Evolution Of Ap Is @ Git Hub, by Marc-André Giroux

Talk level: intermediate

Maintaining an API is no easy task. At GitHub, we often faced problems evolving our GraphQL schema. What fields are being used? Who is using them? Can we remove this field safely?

We recently tackled this problem. This is the story of how we regained confidence in building and evolving great APIs.

About Marc-André Giroux

A Jazz guitarist turned developer, Marc-André is currently working at GitHub, where he is trying to help building better APIs. When he's not hacking on or thinking about GraphQL, you might find him throwing heavy weights above his head.

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Workshop: Get started with TDD

April 3, 2018 - 18:30

La Gare, 5333 Casgrain avenue

You've heard about Test Driven Development but you need help to get started with your Rails application? Come to this workshop with your laptop and we'll guide you through RSpec's setup with Rails.

We will build together a small Rails app using TDD best practices and our experienced mentors will help you understand the core principles of the process.

Some basic knowledge of Rails is required, but it is a beginner's workshop.

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Le Wagon Montréal

Le Wagon brings technical skills to creative people and entrepreneurs within 29 cities around the world. This 9-week bootcamp (FullStack program - web development) gives you the ability to build a prototype of any idea you might have. More than 2500 alumni have graduated from Le Wagon worldwide.

Curious to learn with Le Wagon ? Discover our free online course and learn the basics of web development 👉

Further details about the course and how to apply can be found on

March Meetup

March 20, 2018 - 18:30

AdGear, 460 Rue McGill, Montréal, QC H2Y 2H2


Building A Ruby Profiler, by Julia Evans

Talk level: intermediate

Julia is actively working on improving Ruby's toolset with rbspy. It's an open-source project and here is it's description on Github:

Have you ever wanted to know what functions your Ruby program is calling? rbspy can tell you!

rbspy lets you profile running Ruby processes. It's the only Ruby profiler that can profile arbitrary Ruby processes that are already running.

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Pre-Confoo special meetup

March 6, 2018 - 18:00

Notman House, 51 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 3e étage


A Deep Dive Into New Ruby Features, by Shannon Skipper

Talk level: beginner

Ruby 2.5 was released on Christmas day and it came with a bunch of new features! We'll take a look at how they can by implemented in pure Ruby and explore practical use cases. Finally, we'll take a peek at a couple of exciting features planned for Ruby 2.6.

About Shannon Skipper


Shannon Skipper helps maintain several open source projects, is a contributor to multiple Ruby implementations, and has been a Rubyist for almost a decade. Shannon lives in San Francisco and is a Developer Evangelist at Square.

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Square makes commerce easy. Square offers tools to start, run, and grow your business – from hardware that accepts credit cards to software that tracks inventory, analytics and invoicing. The Square Developer Platform lets you build your own custom commerce solution on the Square you know and trust, for both online (eCommerce), and offline (in-store).

February meetup

February 20, 2018 - 18:30

Notman House, 51 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, 3e étage


Metaphors Are Similes. Similes Are Like Metaphors., by Coraline Ada Ehmke

Talk level: beginner

Language matters more than you think. And the more you think, the more you need language. This talk explores the connections between language and problem solving, how the metaphors that we use can expand or constrain our thinking, and how it all relates to our identities as software developers and as human beings. Along the way we’ll learn about linguistics, category theory, Russian colors, gigantic bridges in France, and how to pronounce the word “lacuna”. And you’ll definitely have some things to think about. Hopefully, in new ways.

About Coraline Ada Ehmke

Coraline Ada Ehmke is a an open source advocate and developer with over 20 years of experience. She was recognized for her work on diversity in open source with a Ruby Hero award in 2016. Coraline is the creator of the Contributor Covenant, the most popular open source code of conduct in the world with over 40,000 adoptions. She is a founding panelist on the Greater than Code podcast. In her free time Coraline pursues her interests in artificial intelligence and writes and records music in her home studio. Find her on Twitter at @CoralineAda or on the web at

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Last Meetup Follow Up!

Posted about 1 year ago

Slack community

Many of you asked how to join our Slack Community. We are working on a feature to send you an invitation automatically...Continue...

Rails Bridge Is Coming And We Need You!

Posted over 1 year ago

Yes, we need you!

Do you love Ruby? Of course you do! Do you want to make web development more accessible, fun and welcoming? Well, you can be a teacher at RailsBridge!

We are looking for 30...Continue...

Last Meetup Follow Up!

Posted about 2 years ago

Hello everybody!

The last meetup was a huge success! Thanks to Centre for the venue and Bookwitty for the food!

I announced that the next RailsBridge will be in September. This is...Continue...

Last Meetup's Follow Up

Posted about 2 years ago


Voici les liens des deux présentations du mois passé:

Meetup Du 16 Février | February 16th Meetup

Posted over 2 years ago


Shopify nous invite dans leurs tous nouveaux bureaux ce mois-ci!

Progressive Web Apps in Rails for fun and profit, par Sophie Déziel


Links – Liens

Posted over 2 years ago

Voici les liens vers ce qui a été présenté hier!

Here are the links for what have been presented yesterday!

Beginner’s Night – 19 Janvier 2016

Posted over 2 years ago


Pour le premier meetup de 2016, nous démarrons en orientant la soirée pour les nouveaux développeurs, ceux qui apprennent Ruby ou qui sont intéressés par le stack technologique autour...Continue...

Meetup Du 15 Décembre | December 15th Meetup

Posted over 2 years ago


Votre application Ruby est-elle aussi sécurisée que vous le pensez? par Frédéric Harper

Dans le monde d’aujourd’hui, il est plus facile que...Continue...

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

Posted over 2 years ago

Hey fellow Rubyist,

Yesterday was my last meet-up as a Montreal.rb organizer. After 4.5 years of taking care of our group, it’s time for me to pass the torch.

I remember so much from all...Continue...

November 17th Meet Up

Posted over 2 years ago


Ce mois-ci, nous prenons une petite pause de Ruby et nous regarderons 2 langages fonctionnels: Elixir et Haskell. Est-ce que votre style Ruby changera après cette rencontre? Qui...Continue...

Rails Workshop, Nov 24th

Posted over 2 years ago

This workshop is a couple hours sprint to help us have a brand new Rails website!!

Experienced and new Ruby on Rails developers are welcome to pair together to work on the features we need to...Continue...

March 17th Meet Up

Posted about 3 years ago


À la suite d'une présentation à Confoo, Leonard a accepté de nous donner un talk qu'il a originalement écrit pour les employés de Ballistiq. Pour limiter leurs coûts...Continue...