Last meetup follow up!

Posted about 8 years ago

Hello everybody!

The last meetup was a huge success! Thanks to Centre for the venue and Bookwitty for the food!

I announced that the next RailsBridge will be in September. This is something huge! There is no exact date for now, but I will keep you updated as soon as the venue and the date is confirmed.

Because RailsBridge takes a lot of time to organize and the meetups are not so popular in the summer (who wants to stay inside when there is so much to do with a nice weather, right?), we will take a break in July and August. For those who still want to meet, I'll reserve a restaurant on the normal meetup's date.

A lot of people are interested in volunteering or register to RailsBridge. It's a bit too soon now, but I'll keep you updated.

> But Sophie, how can I stay updated?

All announcements will be made on twitter, on the website, on the Slack team and at the meetups.

Finally, the website has new cool features: - The talks levels are displayed - The talks' slides are available after the event!

If you'd like to contribute, the website is on Github and you can look at the Priority label in the issue section to see what need to be done first.