January meetup

January 16, 2018 - 18:30

La Gare, 5333 Casgrain avenue


  • Qui?: Tout le monde intéressé par les technologies, la programmation et Ruby/ Ruby on Rails
  • Combien?: Gratuit
  • Inscription?: Pas besoin, tout le monde est le bienvenu
  • Questions?: Contactez Sophie ([email protected]) ou tweetez @montrealrb


Decentralization: The Path to our Collective Future, by Jamie Klinger

Talk level: beginner

Mind map: https://metamaps.cc/maps/3315 The organizational structure of today’s society is exceedingly centralized and hierarchical. In this presentation, we will explore that web of control and how the decentralized open source movement is poised to overtake it. We will be discussing several innovative projects including Holochain and one that I have founded built in Ruby on Rails called JoatU.

About Jamie Klinger

JoatU http://honestlymarketing.com

Jamie is a social, anti-poverty and basic income activist, serial entrepreneur & freelancer in photography, poker coaching, cryptocurrency consulting, crowdfunding, business analysis and problem solving. Jamie has lived & worked in community spaces of up to 25 people, and studied alternative economics while building the framework for JoatU’s Community Action Points where they generate barter points for democratically selected community contributions.

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